[CLOSED] DE has broken on two different computers after installing Steam with Risi Welcome

Hello, here is the format for a bug report.

Before reporting

  1. Please search for an existing bug report to avoid duplicates.
  2. Please update risiOS to make sure that you aren’t reporting a bug that was already fixed.

Insert bug description here.
On two separate computers my desktop environment has broken after installing Steam. When I type the repeat delay is stuck at 100 ms and I can’t change it in Risi tweaks. Some of the extensions suddenly don’t work. I try turning them off and restarting but it doesn’t do anything.
Steps to Reproduce
Will not necessarily work

  1. Step 1
    Install Risi
  2. Step 2
    Install Steam with script
  3. Step 3

Things to specify…
Check these things off if you did one of these (sorted by most common to least common).
[ 🗸] Installed mesa-git or glib from the gaming quick setup script
[ 🗸] Installed NVIDIA Drivers
[ ] Installed a custom kernel (such as the one in the gaming script)
[ ] Installed a DE other than GNOME (this is unsupported)
[ ] Did a misc system modification you should mention

This does not happen every time I install RisiOS.

Any update on this? This.may have been part of the GNOME bug we fixed.

I closed this do the inactivity, and me not being able to reproduce it.