[CLOSED] Display Managers

Hello, here is the format for a bug report.

Before reporting

  1. Please search for an existing bug report to avoid duplicates.
  2. Please update RisiOS to make sure that you aren’t reporting a bug that was already fixed.

Insert bug description here
When I use TDM it crashes when I try to log in. I also will not let me boot the latest version of Risi. This is true for two computers.

I am also not allowed to boot into LightDM

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Step 1
    Enable TDM
  2. Step 2
    Boot into a previous version of Risi.
  3. Step 3
    Attemt to log in.

Also try booting into the current version of Risi with TDM.

Try booting with LightDM.

Things to Specify
Check these things off if you did one (sorted by most common to least common).
[ ✓] Installed mesa-git or glib from the gaming quick setup script
[ ✓] Installed NVIDIA Drivers
[ ] Installed a custom kernel (such as the one in the gaming script)
[ ✓] Installed a DE other than GNOME (this is unsupported)
[ ] Did a misc system modification you should mention

Also should I keep the template in bug reports?

Other display managers aren’t supported.