Desktop Enviornment

Gnome is a great and customizable default desktop environment for the large majority of users. To make Risi OS more appealing an iconic, the Desktop environment should be well supported and pre customized. People need a reason to use Risi OS over Fedora or another distro, acorrding to The Linux Cast. I feel like this distribution could become an iconic popular disto, and be the best Linux distro.

The Chase

I think that themes should be downloadable through the Risi Welcome software, and it should have a new user friendly, appealing, highly customizable interface.

The distribution should be made to look more modern than MAc OS or Windows 11 by default. Risi OS seems to be a very good option for people switching from Mac or Windows. It should be appealing right away to keep the new users happy.

Risi should focus on creating the NEW good OS. It should become a modern and smooth experience that incorporates the features of Linux that are superior to Windows and Mac in a format that is appealing, and seems like a premium experience.

The distribution should come with spins for different kinds of DE/WMs and renew some unsupported options such as Sapphire.


Add support to the Trinity Desktop Environment. If we got it to look cool that would attract a lot of users. Trinity is a great desktop environment. It has no community, so if we supported it, it would. If we figured out how it worked we could configure it to look awesome.

You can always download the desktop environment of your choice via command line. That’s what I did for kde

Yes, but Risi doesn’t support it. Garuda Linux supports a lot of DEs. Currently Risi just supports Gnome. Mint supports a lot of DEs too.

Would like to see an all-in-one installer where you can select what desktop environments you want during the installation process

No, I wanna see a pre-customized environment with tweaks tools like risi tweaks.

You could have both? Maybe initially limited to 3 desktops during he install program and they can concentrate on Risi tweets and scripts too, a a lot of the after install stuff on the welcome screen isn’t specific to gnome anyway

And yes those would be pre customised desktop environment, that’s why you can’t have too many initially.


Garuda has spins for each WM

I prefer reborn os approach, rather than have a million spins all desktop environments are available via installer and can be installed later on after installation ( I actually have a app called reborn fire to do this. Literally one click to add a second or third or fourth desktop environment after installation complete)

I’m choosing to only ship GNOME because GNOME is easy to work on top of thanks to extensions, and I’m currently focusing on making more features to differentiate it from Fedora and other distros.

For example the upcoming risiOS 37 release features a new theming engine to unify theming. However this was built around GNOME and adding support for other DEs is not easy. If people are experienced enough to work around these issues, they are also experienced enough to install a custom DE themselves.

Hey I have an Idea. Gnome has an extension called Material shell. Since you are already using Gnome. Maybe you could make a tiling version that has an intuitive config and gui customization software. People couldn’t complain about it and expect more spins cause you’re still using Gnome.