Gnome is driving people away; Make a Cinnimon spin?

Cinnamon is a very stable DE. I think that a Cinnamon spin would be worth wile for Risi.

Not keen on gnome either. Would prefer a kde spin myself, very customisable and good for both newbies advanced users.

There are a lot of risiOS features tied specifically to GNOME, and as a small team, we do not have the time or resources to maintain more than 1 DE. On top of that, if we add support for 1 extra DE, than many people will request more DEs, and we cannot please everyone.

We are working on risiOS Lite which does ship Xfce, but it’s also going to be a different distro entirely, with a lot of changes other than just the DE (a Alma base for example instead of Fedora).

If someone makes a community maintained “risiOS Plasma” or “risiOS Cinnamon” spin, I’d be happy to share servers, and promote it. But for now, we don’t have the resources to do this.

Ok, now I am very interested. XFCE is one of the best floating WMs. Could you give me more information on what will be done so we can know what is expected of a community spin? BTW, I have come back to RisiOS.

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I do not have any more information about risiOS Lite right now, including a release date. All I can say is that we have working prototype ISOs. However I can tell you for certainty that if it does get finished, it won’t be until after risiOS 38, because that update is designed to get risiOS apps functional on other distro bases for projects like risiOS Lite.

As for community spins, I just want spins that update as frequently as the main spin, work well with all of most of risiOS’s exclusive features, and provide tech support themselves so I don’t have to deal with issues regarding a distro I’m not maintaining.

Alright, thank you so much for the information.

BTW, Fedora 37 releases Nov 15, will Risi 37 release right after?

Our plan is to drop new risiOS releases either the same day, or the day after Fedora’s releases.