Installing an rTheme

Adding a theme

In order to add a theme, you need to place the theme into a valid directory. These directories include

  • /usr/share/rthemes (for system-wide themes)
  • ~/.rthemes and ~/.local/share/rthemes (for locally installed themes)

Listing themes

Before we set a theme, we need to check for available themes. You can do this with:

$ rthemelib list-themes

Setting a theme also requires setting a variant.

$ rthemelib list-variants

If you are unsure which variant to use, use the main variant as that is a variant all themes must have, and is considered default.

Setting a theme


If you are running risiOS, the risiTweaks tool allows you to set the theme and variant within risiOS.

Using GSettings

If you aren’t on risiOS, we are currently working on a GUI tool for other distros, but in the meantime,
we are currently using GSettings to store rtheme related settings. To set a theme and theme variant use the following commands:

$ gsettings set io.risi.rtheme theme-name "rthemed_theme"
$ gsettings set io.risi.rtheme variant-name "rthemed_variant"

Applying the theme

If you have rthemed running, it should than automatically change the theme. If not, you can apply the theme by running:

$ rthemelib apply