Introducing myself


My name is Noah and I’m 19 years old from Sweden.

I really like Fedora, mainly because audio handling in most linux distros is terrible and Fedora has fully integrated PipeWire which solves the issues I’ve had (namely, low-quality resampling by default, among other things). Also, ZRAM, which is a really cool new way to handle memory and swap, certainly ahead of other technologies. Fedora lacks a bit in user-friendliness, especially with stock GNOME (although it’s still a way better choice than buggy KDE – owh, a nightmare). GNOME is just way too opinionated the way it ships for new users.

I look forward to installing RisiOS and testing it out. I’m on a rather old laptop (HP Envy 17 from like 2014) – in my experience most Linux distros run just fine on it so I’m here with perfectionist objectives, having “gotten Linux to run” a long time ago. I’m by no means an expert, just a regular user with a tech interest.

I’ll see you around! And, by all means, PM me if I can be of any help. I have administrated Discourse forums before. I like this platform. Yeah, well, see ya!


Wow, got it installed and must say it’s incredible! Just what I’ve been . . . distrohopping for.

Nicely done! Excellent experience all through.


Thanks for the kind words <3


That was hilarious. I have been using this OS for a while and haven’t changed. Hope you continue to have a great time on Risi.