risiOS Forums Launch!

Hello, we have just launched the forums, please suggest anything we should add here.

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Cool. I also love pizza. And I’m a nerd. We’ll get along.

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Hi! It’s awesome you now have a Forum. I really like this Distro and I am running it as my daily driver on my low powered Lenovo laptop 120S. It’s so much quicker at everything than a lot of the other Gnome desktops. How have you made it so speedy?.

When is the official version coming out from beta?

Keep up the good work.

Martin. (P.S. found this fab distro from Techhut) :slight_smile:

Hello, sorry I didn’t see this post until today.

We are dropping the term “beta” with the next Fedora 37 based release (risiOS 37).

As for the speed. We aren’t making any major changes to GNOME, it may just be that I intentionally choose the lightest extensions possible when picking extensions for risiOS. Other that that, it should be the same speed as Fedora.