Adopt Fedy's Tweaks and App Install (Add more apps for quick installs)

Hi, I just tested risiOS yesterday, and I think there’s immense potential on it as part of my issue with recommending Fedora (or Nobara for that matter) has been that it can be confusing to people who don’t already know their way with Linux in general.

I had put my hope in Fedy for a long time, but it seems to not be active anymore. That said, most of the tweaks and app installers seems to still work when I tested it around a month ago.

In addition to that, I think deb-get and pacstall is a good reference for what people might be interested in, for future risi installer expansion. There’s also Garuda who has a lot of interesting tweaks and installers in their Garuda Setup, Garuda Assistant, and Garuda Gamer apps. They’re non-Fedora-based though, so it’s just good for reference.

Good job with the risiWelcome, risiTweaks, and risiScript UI though!


I will look into Fedy a bit more and try to integrate it into risiTweaks.

As for deb-get, I’m working on a similar system through risi-script 2.0 where you can download scripts from a website and run them. It will also prompt you for a risi-script if you try to install certain applications from the wrong file format (trying to install a .deb or .exe for example my prompt you for rpm or flatpack install).