Drivers for NVIDIA GPU at live / install - its 2023 not 200x

Nvidia user here . Risi is first os in my Linux life ( 5 years now ) where at start i receive 1024x768 resolution… Jesus we have 2023 year… any distro, what i tested ( hundreds becouse im owner of Polish Linux Youtube channel ) provide Nouveau or real Nvidia drivers at start… Fedora too - you base on it so whats the problem ? I readed few articles about your os and nobody says abou that issue. This is issue and its big… Thanks for resolve that - maybe update .iso or something ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have NVIDIA and risiOS boots completely fine on it.

Fedora does not ship NVIDIA drivers out of the box for legal reasons, and on risiOS they are available in the risiOS Quick Setup page.

I was specifically told by a member of the Fedora team that creating an NVIDIA iso can create a legal risk, which a small project like us cannot afford. I’m sorry you are used to smaller distros babying you when you haven’t done 30 seconds of research to see NVIDIA isn’t on Fedora, or that the welcome screen makes it easy to install them.

You dont understand or didnt test it on Nvidia. On Fedora all is ok. Problem is with RisiOS.
Drivers are installing but kernel module isnt loading. Even after add non-free and setup with drivers assistant - resolution is 1024x768, Gnome reports Software Rendering , inxi show correct drivers but they isnt working. Never ever any linux distro - even small - dont break things like Risi.
You undestand that Nouveau isnt working ? :smiley:

Link to photos whats going on
First two are made after install and adding nonfree repos - driver installed but isnt working 1024x768
Next pictures are from install = at start Nouveau isnt working - no drivers at all.

GTX 750 ti is supported in 530.xx series - its Maxwell Card and work in any Linux including Fedora 38 - i posted movies about that on my channel like always where new Linux arrive.

When system boot - in Legacy or EFI mode there is some comment on screen - Nvidia kernel module isnt loaded. Thats the issue.

I know hats problem is.
First Live USB dont use Nouveau - 1024x768 thats a bug - in Fedora Live USB use nouveau 1920x1080 no problem.

Second thing - After installing and restart there still “software rendering” , i choose non-free repo, bla bla bla about drivers - current BUT - when scripts end and windows show - use or restart - CPU cooler just go high and i see thats in background is compiling something ! Probably its a moment where nvidia akmod was compiling - but no any info about that. - if i click restart in white window - compilation fails and no drivers working., But wait about 1 minute and all is working.
Now i have dual monitor work and proper screen resolution.

BUT - that windows about ending install - reboot can kill compile process in background

Here you have another screenshots about that
Something compiling AFTER setup

Here are all logs from live boot Risi - no any sign of nvidia, nv, nouveau, just nothing…
i hope that helps

second link - the same loga